Names and Surnames in Iraq

Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq, is a country in Western Asia, bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest and Syria to the west. The capital and largest city is Baghdad. Iraq is home to diverse ethnic groups including Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldaeans, Yazidis, Shabakis, Armenians, Mandaeans, Circassians, Sabians and Kawliya. Around 99% of the country's 38 million citizens are Muslims, with small minorities of Christians, Yarsans, Yezidis and Mandeans also present. The official languages of Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish.

Most Common Surnames In Iraq :
# Surname
1 Mohamed
2 Hussein
3 Ali
4 Hassan
5 Kazem
6 Abbas
7 Jassim
8 Abdel
9 Ahmed
10 Abdullah
Random Names in Iraq by Name Generator :
Male Name
Mahmoud Abdullah
Yasser Lafet
Kazem Khalaf
Raad Hatem
Waleed Jassim
Omar Ibrahim
Ahmed Mohamed
Mahdi Hussein
Karim Kazem
Ammar Fadel
Female Name
Aya Hatem
Zainab Gabr
Nidal Radi
Hanan Abbas
Zeina Khalaf
Sana Khudair
Shaimaa Jawad
Fatima Abdelhossein
Huraa Hamid
Nour Mahdi
Closest Countries to Iraq by Given Names :
Country %
Jordan 51.00%
Lebanon 40.00%
Egypt 39.00%
Yemen 37.00%
Syria 31.00%
Sudan 27.00%
UAE 24.00%
Tunisia 22.00%
Oman 21.00%
Morocco 19.00%
Kuwait 18.00%
Closest Countries to Iraq by Surnames
Country %
Syria 37.62%
Lebanon 31.68%
Yemen 30.00%
Jordan 29.70%
Saudi Arabia 26.73%
Egypt 25.74%
Kuwait 24.75%
Sudan 23.76%
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