Names and Surnames in Wales

Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. It had a population in 2011 of 3,063,456 and has a total area of 20,779 km2 (8,023 sq mi). Wales has over 1,680 miles (2,700 km) of coastline and is largely mountainous with its higher peaks in the north and central areas, including Snowdon, its highest summit. The country lies within the north temperate zone and has a changeable, maritime climate.

Random Names in Wales by Name Generator :
Male Name
David Hopkins
James Evans
Nigel Jones
Richard Rees
Peter Edwards
Gary Wynne
Edward Roberts
Jonathan Davies
Graham Hughes
John Cole
Female Name
Pauline Vaughan
Margaret Williams
Sian Roberts
Jane Jones
Susan Thomas
Janet Davies
Julie Parry
Joan Evans
Angela Edwards
Amanda Harris
Closest Countries to Wales by Given Names :
Country %
England 92.00%
Scotland 71.00%
Northern Ireland 68.00%
USA 57.00%
Australia 56.44%
New Zealand 56.00%
Bahamas 52.00%
Ireland 50.00%
Trinidad and Tobago 49.00%
Canada 49.00%
Malta 48.00%
Closest Countries to Wales by Surnames
Country %
England 65.35%
Australia 61.86%
USA 59.00%
New Zealand 54.46%
Jamaica 43.56%
Canada 38.60%
Trinidad and Tobago 27.00%
Bahamas 24.56%
Northern Ireland 23.76%
Barbados 22.81%
Guyana 22.77%
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