Names and Surnames in Zambia

Zambia, officially the Republic of Zambia, is a landlocked country in Southern-Central Africa. Its neighbours are the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east, Mozambique to the southeast, Zimbabwe and Botswana to the south, Namibia to the southwest, and Angola to the west. The capital city is Lusaka, located in the south-central part of Zambia. The population is concentrated mainly around Lusaka in the south and the Copperbelt Province to the northwest, the core economic hubs of the country.

Random Names in Zambia by Name Generator :
Male Name
Sitali Zulu
Nalukui Moonga
Inonge Phiri
Nyambe Chama
Lackson Musonda
Astridah Tembo
Nasilele Mbewe
Mubita Jere
Liswaniso Mumba
Fanwell Mubita
Female Name
Mevis Chanda
Namushi Mwenya
Mukelabai Mwanza
Inonge Phiri
Monde Jere
Chrispine Sinkala
Chilombo Mwale
Sitali Zulu
Manyando Chola
Mwaba Mvula
Closest Countries to Zambia by Surnames
Country %
Malawi 27.72%
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